"A life where children can live together with nature."

Mesa Orman’s high quality can satisfy every need with ease. Reflect the excellence of detail with its parks, gardens, ornamental pools, recreational areas and walking paths, pools, tennis courts and basketball courts.

The Mesa Orman offers easy access within the flat terrain where it is located. Kids can run freely and have a great time enjoying the playgrounds and green areas.

Mesa Orman Sosyal Alanlar

"Open the window and listen to the birds chirping"

The courtyard harboring all the colors offered by nature to detoxify your soul. To avoid any sound other than rustling leaves and bird chirps at home, in you home, the playground and sports fields are located in a special area.

Mesa Orman Sosyal Alanlar

A hidden world, a unique jogging track.

Mesa Orman offers a hidden world with its residential buildings located far from traffic and highway noises.

Mesa Orman Sosyal Alanlar

A social life full of options.

Mesa Orman's social facility center will introduce you to unparalleled unique privileges. Have fun with your family, enjoy pleasurable conversations with neighbors, spend leisure time in resting areas or make use of the working areas… No matter what, the social facility center will ensure that every moment you spend here is worthwhile.

You can also host your guests as you wish in the terrace or gardens, read a book in the forest air, do outdoor yoga or simply just enjoy the day.

Mesa Orman Sosyal Alanlar

Leisure and social opportunities

Swimming pool
Children playgrounds
Fitness center
Basketball courts
Walking and jogging track

Mesa Orman Sosyal Alanlar Mesa Orman Sosyal Alanlar Mesa Orman Sosyal Alanlar Mesa Orman Sosyal Alanlar