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Let the energy you
receive from nature
mingle with the city!

The liveliness you witness in the new stage of Mesa Orman does not stop following you even outside of the project! The energy you get from nature while you sit at your home combines with the energy of the city when you go out.

With the new generation cafes, gourmet restaurants, boutique shops, sports centres and educational opportunities in the vicinity, your all needs can be fully satisfied.

Pleasure of a new stage in Mesa Orman life...

The seeds of happiness, which has been growing under the name of Mesa Orman in Çubuklu by Mesa, next to the 1.5 million square meters Istanbul Beykoz Forest, continues to flourish. The second act is being staged in Mesa Orman, the greenest tale of Istanbul.

For those who prefer to combine the nature with a metropolitan life as well as integrate clean forest air with Mesa quality ... For those who wants embrace the hidden green and blues Istanbul presents at the same time… Mesa Orman II

A natural lake...
  • The healing power of nature is with you at all times

    Deep emotional bond Mesa Orman II has with trees , helps you to reduce the negative effects of the tiring metropolitan life up to zero. Mesa Orman II is one of the projects with the highest green area ratio per capita and its garden floor flats, large balconies and terraces brings freshness to your life by allowing you to touch the trees and grass.

  • Only 163 flats.
    Boutique and sustainable future.

    Mesa Orman II, adds nature into your metropolitan life and welcomes clean forest air in to your homes with Mesa quality. A life at Mesa Orman II, presents a high qualified comfort satisfaction by maximizing your living standards through 163 flats with wide balconies and terraces from 2 + 1 to 6.5 + 1 within 10 blocks.

While the large glass practice on the exterior façade host the forest to your home, it enables the interior spaces to integrate with the landscape and allows you to benefit from daylight at the highest level.

Your highest level of comfort is provided by floor heating and vrf cooling systems. Besides, it is aimed to provide maximum efficiency in the use of energy. Thus, a life in harmony with the goal of a sustainable world is being built.

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